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Shatel Global
About us

Shatel Global was originally founded in 2011 by to participate in the emerging VOIP Sector. Over the past decade it has evolved its original mission and expanded the scope of its services into wholesale voice hubbing.

In the last two years, Shatel Global has successfully managed to grow and develop a high profile customer base of over 100 carriers which includes some of the world’s largest PTTs, MVNOs, and calling card operators. The success of Shatel Global is based on its driving philosophy of providing strong technical support, customer service, flexibility, and integrity in its dealings with customers and suppliers. This has earned Shatel Global  a strong reputation as a provider of quality telecom routes and services in the telecommunications industry worldwide. Today, Shatel Global is a sought after strategic partner for carriers, MVNOs, and calling card operators.

Our vision today is to be an innovative leader in communications services to carriers and consumers throughout the world through the provision of superior value based services making us an indispensible part of their strategic operational plans and lives.

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