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Shatel Global


Looking toward future, we always seek the most up-to-date and efficient technologies and opportunities and by hiring proficient, creative and hard-working personnel and creating connecting infrastructure, we make it possible for people and organizations to connect with what is important for them. No doubt keeping our highest stance in the market will not be possible without delivering high quality services.


To improve both corporate status and customer satisfaction, Shatel Global holds itself responsible to offer its services in a manner to win total satisfaction of all customers and users, and assure them of the reliability of the Group and the rendered services. That is why quality is high on the agenda for all employees, and every one of them is committed to the following principles in all their activities:


-          Complete understanding and recognition of the customer’s needs and related legal necessities, and trying to take care of them to improve customer satisfaction.

-          Continuous training and improvement of human resources in order to expand their knowledge base as a valuable corporate asset.

-          Increasing the service potentials and IT level to offer proper responses to the needs of the client market.

-          Increasing the effectiveness of the Quality Management System processes and improving them constantly.

-          Providing the customers with fast services by reducing the internal corporate processes (as a quick response company).

-          Moving towards the service quality improvement and achievement of the highest quality level in order to reduce the cost of quality services and increase customer satisfaction.

-          Planning to create a healthy and organized working place, and trying to follow the principles to guarantee the personnel’s physical and emotional health by providing them with a secure and clean environment.

-          Paying attention to teamwork and joint efforts of the employees to resolve the problems of the Group through the establishment of a motivational system.

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