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Shatel Global

Voice Carrier

Our  valuable list of interconnections allows us to offer partners global reach and competitive rates.  Shatel Global's enhanced carrier services terminates roughly 1.5 billion minutes per month, integrating global voice and service quality.

Our proven track record of providing superior service quality and cost efficient routes into the Middle East and Africa has provided the framework for our current focus on constantly strengthening our portfolio of valuable partners.

International Termination

Through our global network of operators and carriers,  Shatel Global provides quality international calling to end-users and client-partners. Our core destinations are concentrated in the Middle-East and Africa via our directs with our valuable partners. Grow your voice presence in the Middle-East region, and benefit from our cost/quality value.

Our retail division uses quality routes for international termination to over 200 destinations, generating more than 700 Million minutes monthly in organic retail traffic. Allow Shatel Global to negotiate the best rates and routes, when your end-users benefit from our crystal voice quality at affordable rates.

Regional Retail Routing

Entrust Shatel Global with our regional retail routing.  Shatel Global is licensed and experienced in the Middle-Eastern region, with capabilities in North-American and South-Asian regional termination as well. With our retail division's track records, our regional termination ensures stable quality routing at competitive pricing.


Work with Shatel Global to outsource your regional retail routing, and benefit your end-users from ad-hoc account analysis and reporting tools. Your customers can view usage reports and balance detail via our web-based dashboard.

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